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The following projects demonstrate my strategy skills and out-of-the-box thinking

Note: The context cannot be copied, downloaded or reproduced without my consent




WeWork Digitization

Organizations are moving to 'remote workforce' business model. WeWork, which is operated on a heavy CAPEX business model, is now at an infliction point, as its clients are walking away from it. This paper comprehensively evaluates different strategies to digitize WeWork, to diversify its revenue streams and deliver enhanced value to its shareholders.


Geico Marketing Brief

This is a comprehensive analysis of GEICOs Marketing strategy and its relevant tactics. It also includes recommendations on what GEICO could do to improve its marketing efforts, through the Analytics brief.



MasterCard  Product Strategy

Mastercard collaborated with my team at Stern School of Business, NYU to design a Product Roadmap that would help it become a lifestyle brand. My team designed 3 product concepts, and packaged them into an integrated and connected framework, leveraging Mastercard's multi-sensory brand assets. We collaborated with a UX designer to bring our ideas to life.


Download the PowerPoint  for the best viewing experience.

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