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Product Management

The following projects demonstrate my product skills

Note: The context cannot be copied, downloaded or reproduced without my consent

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Improving the first-time homebuying experience


Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage collaborated with my team at Stern School of Business, NYU to innovate a digital product that helps first-time homebuyers sign up for mortgages applications effortlessly.

I led a Design Sprint with a team of 5 to innovate this digital solution.


Digital University Textbooks

This is a personal product that I worked on to practice Design Thinking approach towards Product Design and Development. The goal is to create a cost efficient digital solution that replaces physical university textbooks.

Digital Textbooks.jpg


Mastercard Product Strategy

Mastercard collaborated with my team at Stern School of Business, NYU to design a Product Roadmap that would help it become a lifestyle brand. My team designed 3 product concepts, and packaged them into an integrated and connected framework, leveraging Mastercard's multi-sensory brand assets. We collaborated with a UX designer to bring our ideas to life.


Download the PowerPoint  for the best viewing experience.


Product Design - Kangaroo Cleanup App

Knowing design tools is always useful for a Product Manager. It helps him create prototypes and test them with customers. In this personal project, I have used FIGMA to design a mobile app called 'Kangaroo Clean'


Financial Modelling -
ROI Analysis


This ROI analysis is for a new product concept that Spotify must consider pursuing - Spotify Radio (AM/FM). This is a personal project. Check whether Spotify must invest in Spotify Radio (AM/FM)


Prescriptive Analysis -
Search Recommendations

I analyzed the search marketing data, to derive causal inferences on the Ad Rank of search keywords. I have also provided specific recommendations to improve the rankings of Search campaigns, based on insights from data

I can do similar analysis to determine what product features are driving adoption, engagement and ROI

Prescriptive Analytics.PNG
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