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Startup Product Manager | Analytics & Visualization | Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Tech Consulting |Product Roadmap | Design Thinking | CX & UX | SQL | Python | Big Data | Cloud | Northeastern CSE | Stern MBA


I am a passionate data driven Product Manager, with an extensive experience in building products driven by machine Learning and analytics. Currently, I am based in Jefferson City, MO, and looking for remote or hybrid opportunities. 

My most recent experience was at a startup called Newmetrix. I was a Product Manager for Machine Learning and Analytics. I owned a product called Safety Monitoring, which can make safety-based risk assessments and observations by reading Images from construction projects. I also co-owned, helped ideate and design, another product called Predictive SaaS/ Predictive Analytics, for which I designed a robust data engineering pipeline that delivered a set of features ready for predictive modeling, to predict future workplace incidents on construction projects. These products disrupted the construction industry, and guided customers to take a leap into the future of work and safety. Albeit a promising start, the startup was troubled by the current economic headwinds, resulting in laying off all its employees and eventual termination.

I was with Merkle for about 9 years. I drove analytics strategy for my customers and designed successful data and analytics-based products, pertaining to advanced analytics, embedded analytics, and databases. These products offered swift insights, cutting down deployment times by over 50% and empowered customers to understand their audiences better, helping them improvise their marketing strategies.

Being market oriented and customer driven was a critical part of my work. I have driven many discovery and user design sessions to deliver products that my customers wanted. My academic background has given me a strong technical inclination, which helps me effortlessly collaborate with technical teams and drive them to execute product roadmaps. My vast professional experience has taught me to manage and excel in situations of conflict and uncertainty. 

Spending time to pursue MBA at Stern, while handling a busy work life, has augmented my product skills, and made be more self-aware. Today I am more ‘positively’ self-conscious and have a better sense of empathy towards my peers and customers. I am able to put their needs ahead and understand their unique contexts/ situations even better. 

It would be exciting to me and helpful for my career if I am able to apply my unique skills to help organizations drive innovation that meet the emotional, social, and functional needs. Please contact me to learn more about my professional experiences and skills.

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